Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Oscar Talk

J Stewart is always funny. He shakes up the stiff ass crowd. They act like the have rocks in their asses. He just did a dig on Hillary. Look at Jack Nicholson, too damn cool. Uh huh, I would have usually wanted to fight over a dig to the people, but Norbit and the Oscars, well that deserves to be talked shit on. Dig at McCain. See, it's all fair. Jennifer Garner coming out, she looks nice. Obviously over her little shake up with drunk ass Gary Busey on the Red Carpet. Punk ass Seacrest couldn't save her. Big Ben should have been there. I don't know people, I might not make it all night with this depressing as music. Alexandra Byrne, she need on a neck dress. Not a good look.

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Marleaux said...

I was going to do the live Oscar blogging thing too, atleast through my twitter, but I got home thinking the show had just started and it was ending lmao. I thought it aired at 8 in LA, but I was a few hours behind.

Guess you got tired of that music, cause I see you stopped.