Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nothing fresh HELP!

Maybe its me but nothing new to talk about. How much more can we beat up on poor Britney and her dysfunctional life. Her father is supposedly charging her $2500 a week plus a car to manage her affairs. Isnt the perks of being daddy enough for her well being? Then we question why she's not a good mother. Who is the new hot, exciting next thing? Here comes Janet, again. Her comes Mariah, again. Rihanna is taking a page out of Beyonce's play book, we've seen that. Aint shit at the movies. Same ole same ole everywhere. Reality shows are NOT reality shows and you have the same ole recycled folks there. Amy Whinehouse may have been the next unconventional neebie on the block, but the crack pipe is distracting. Who do the young folks like? What is holding their interest? Help me out here. If the best thing we have is "umma do me" and we wonder why kids are dropping out of school left and right, then we are in BIG trouble. What the fuck is "umma" oohhhhh, "I'm going" all wrapped up into one. I hope some one revive "fly and cool" and kick out "stupid and thug". If we don't "umma" is going to continue to do its thing. Where is Keisha, Neffie and Frankie when you need them. Now that, that is reality TV!

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