Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Doing Better

Why start a blog if you're not going to blog? Things were hectic, but I maybe back. Had a friend tell me she started a blog, so it inspired me to pick up the fingers and get back in the game. Many new topics, Beyonce and Jay have tied the knot, Barack has Ba-raacked the vote, Khia has proven she's crazy as hell (but ya gotta love it, myspace.com/khia) and FLAVOR FLAVVV picked Thing Teeth I mean Two but proposed to his corny-ass-low-budgety baby mama. He HAS to be getting some paper from the show. You mean to tell me he couldn't do better than that Burlington outfit his baby mama had on? I suppose I am the shallow one. Now we must gear up for "I Love Money" the reality show that will bring back former reality show stars (if I can use the word star) to compete for some dough. Oh, Ms. Rap Supreme has some flavor. There are many more washed up rappers than Serch and YO YO that has more personality. They are dry as hell "Mirror, Mirror, Y'all"-WHACK! However, I must admit that the final crew is the real deal. I'm pulling for Rece Steel, but we'll see.

The down home charm and B-Boy stance that is Beyone and Jay Z. Awww, don't you love it. If you're a good girl with a bad boy gone good, you know what I mean. Now if only we can get our dollars to parlay the way they have. That would be Good Times. Shit, some of y'all wish you can get $50 dollars a baby let alone $5Million. And how many of y'all still don't know where ya man live or work, AFTER the break up Bey still get all access. Talk about a great deal and a stand up guy.

We'll be live with the BET Awards June 24th, blogging along with the show. Hope to blog you soon!


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