Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here we go. Let me say now that editing is not on the agenda. If typos and spelling isn't caught, too bad! Hopefully what I have said will give understanding to what it meant.

Now, I LOVE TABLOID GOSSIP!!! I was sucked into the magazine word then eventually the entertainment shows by deceit. It started off as a fashion chase. I'd get the magazines to see the best and worst dress. See the attire worn to award shows. This was before there were pre shows and all the hoopla over the red carpet. Then, eventually, I'd read a story. Next thing you know, it was on the news. Then the secret came out. The gardners, maids, dry cleaners, food servers, they were all telling the business! So, there must be a thread of truth to it, right? Next thing you know, I had it down to a science. Picking magazines from the "bang for my buck" theory. Don't buy it for one story, nawww! You have to buy it when Oprah, Jolie annnnd Whitney is headlining.

Then it turned into "girlfriend" conversations. We where all thinking the same thing! The TV folks gotta be too politically correct, so where could I find people that thought like me? The BLOG WORLD! In the blog world, you can say "You know damn well if Britney was an ordinary chic her kids would be with children services" without worrying about your job. So here it is. The thoughts of everyday people, my girlfriends (even my husband on a GOOD story) and me. Did I mention I am a social worker, so some of this stuff will have a Dr. Phil, feel to it. I, however, treat people on a daily basis in the real world. Here's to my gulity pleasure, POP CULTURE!


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