Saturday, August 16, 2008

B Boy Stance meets Down Home Grace

He was a city slicker with money to burn, chics on his hips and criticized for his lips. Rhymin and flowin, intertwined with the beat, bringing that Dwayne Wade, Shaq and Zo heat. Chics givin brain, in the rain, going insane, straight stans, anything for a chance, to get a whiff of his b boy stance.

Ahhh, then you have soft and demur, thick as a board, born to be a star, groomed to go far, raising the bar, chics hating, father slaving-or not, out of 3 they all want her spot. Camera shy, unless Sasha's in the room, too good to be true-most think-her shit don't stink, paparrazi in the face, everywhere, everyplace, always showing the down home grace.

BBoy stance, mesmerized at a glance, taken back by the way her family grandstand. Maybe not feelin the dad, but damn, there's a dad, not having to go to a throwback line of "damn that's your dad". Down Home Grace, seeing past the face, past the bitches and broads, the inner shawn, the man behind the man that only the man put on-oh motherfuckers it's on.

So fuck the public that don't believe, the haters, the sucka mothafuckas that dont agree, the jealous bitches that want the money, the lame ass niggas that want her honey, even the people in your camp, they can get funny, dummies, chummy, not so much, just use to the money. Why share your shit, so nay sayers can split, spit, dismiss a true dynasty, on some "Royal, black in america shit". Make it last forever, and ever, sweat says, green says "wrapped around your arms baby, dont you know", don't you know what happens when the bboy stance meets the down home grace? Damn, niggas loose their mind in the place, everyone, anyone want a taste-Fuck 'em and tell them to their face-let their asses know that privacy keeps it safe, not even a trace, why the fuck y'all got to keep up the pace, let em up in your place, true hollywood stories and shit, just to later disgrace, turn on you like a snitch in a case, ready for your shit to fall apart like Mase, no, no, not the BBoy Stance meets Down Home Grace.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Doing Better

Why start a blog if you're not going to blog? Things were hectic, but I maybe back. Had a friend tell me she started a blog, so it inspired me to pick up the fingers and get back in the game. Many new topics, Beyonce and Jay have tied the knot, Barack has Ba-raacked the vote, Khia has proven she's crazy as hell (but ya gotta love it, and FLAVOR FLAVVV picked Thing Teeth I mean Two but proposed to his corny-ass-low-budgety baby mama. He HAS to be getting some paper from the show. You mean to tell me he couldn't do better than that Burlington outfit his baby mama had on? I suppose I am the shallow one. Now we must gear up for "I Love Money" the reality show that will bring back former reality show stars (if I can use the word star) to compete for some dough. Oh, Ms. Rap Supreme has some flavor. There are many more washed up rappers than Serch and YO YO that has more personality. They are dry as hell "Mirror, Mirror, Y'all"-WHACK! However, I must admit that the final crew is the real deal. I'm pulling for Rece Steel, but we'll see.

The down home charm and B-Boy stance that is Beyone and Jay Z. Awww, don't you love it. If you're a good girl with a bad boy gone good, you know what I mean. Now if only we can get our dollars to parlay the way they have. That would be Good Times. Shit, some of y'all wish you can get $50 dollars a baby let alone $5Million. And how many of y'all still don't know where ya man live or work, AFTER the break up Bey still get all access. Talk about a great deal and a stand up guy.

We'll be live with the BET Awards June 24th, blogging along with the show. Hope to blog you soon!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nothing fresh HELP!

Maybe its me but nothing new to talk about. How much more can we beat up on poor Britney and her dysfunctional life. Her father is supposedly charging her $2500 a week plus a car to manage her affairs. Isnt the perks of being daddy enough for her well being? Then we question why she's not a good mother. Who is the new hot, exciting next thing? Here comes Janet, again. Her comes Mariah, again. Rihanna is taking a page out of Beyonce's play book, we've seen that. Aint shit at the movies. Same ole same ole everywhere. Reality shows are NOT reality shows and you have the same ole recycled folks there. Amy Whinehouse may have been the next unconventional neebie on the block, but the crack pipe is distracting. Who do the young folks like? What is holding their interest? Help me out here. If the best thing we have is "umma do me" and we wonder why kids are dropping out of school left and right, then we are in BIG trouble. What the fuck is "umma" oohhhhh, "I'm going" all wrapped up into one. I hope some one revive "fly and cool" and kick out "stupid and thug". If we don't "umma" is going to continue to do its thing. Where is Keisha, Neffie and Frankie when you need them. Now that, that is reality TV!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pres. Race has me side tracked

I was going to be this fantastic blogger and create a space where I can share my thoughts with the world, then this damn election heated up! This was where I was gonna give a voice to sistas and talk shit in the open the way we do everyday then history smacked me in the face. My usually is the tabloid magazines and other web sites, but with Obama smashin' 'em, I am obsessesed with the pundits. I want to know every comment and scream at the tv when they say stupid shit like "he doesnt have experience" Every president elected the first time can't boast "pres of US" on their resume. Only a black man named Barack Hussein Obama can walk into the Middle East and begin to be trusted. Sorry, they don't take women seriously over there and white men, well they don't trust them much. Dont want to make race an issue, but we really can't say its not an issue. Wouldn't it make sense that a poor man turned rich in America can stablize the econonmy because he knows what it means not to have and most likely don't want to do that again.

So, this week I will get better with addressing the destruction of black women by Flavor Flav (don't want to spell his name wrong), Janet Jackson's come back, Mariah's comeback with the same ole clothes (0r lack there of) and all of the brotha's needin' a shot out.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

More Oscar Talk

J Stewart is always funny. He shakes up the stiff ass crowd. They act like the have rocks in their asses. He just did a dig on Hillary. Look at Jack Nicholson, too damn cool. Uh huh, I would have usually wanted to fight over a dig to the people, but Norbit and the Oscars, well that deserves to be talked shit on. Dig at McCain. See, it's all fair. Jennifer Garner coming out, she looks nice. Obviously over her little shake up with drunk ass Gary Busey on the Red Carpet. Punk ass Seacrest couldn't save her. Big Ben should have been there. I don't know people, I might not make it all night with this depressing as music. Alexandra Byrne, she need on a neck dress. Not a good look.

Oscar Talk

I'm going to tryi and keep this funky. We're going live with the Oscars. They never let a sista give her "real" thoughts on this shit, so here we go. Not to many of us there, so we gonna critique the other folks tonight.

Jennifer Hudson looks fab! The umpire waist under her boobs could have had more room, but he pulled it off. That old chic that played the queen last year always look great! She show and prove for the old heads in theg hous.

OHHHHH, Daniel Day Lewis's wife! A f-in nightmare!! What is on my tv screen? Red bow tie shoulder straps, big ass black ornaments, YUCK!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Here we go. Let me say now that editing is not on the agenda. If typos and spelling isn't caught, too bad! Hopefully what I have said will give understanding to what it meant.

Now, I LOVE TABLOID GOSSIP!!! I was sucked into the magazine word then eventually the entertainment shows by deceit. It started off as a fashion chase. I'd get the magazines to see the best and worst dress. See the attire worn to award shows. This was before there were pre shows and all the hoopla over the red carpet. Then, eventually, I'd read a story. Next thing you know, it was on the news. Then the secret came out. The gardners, maids, dry cleaners, food servers, they were all telling the business! So, there must be a thread of truth to it, right? Next thing you know, I had it down to a science. Picking magazines from the "bang for my buck" theory. Don't buy it for one story, nawww! You have to buy it when Oprah, Jolie annnnd Whitney is headlining.

Then it turned into "girlfriend" conversations. We where all thinking the same thing! The TV folks gotta be too politically correct, so where could I find people that thought like me? The BLOG WORLD! In the blog world, you can say "You know damn well if Britney was an ordinary chic her kids would be with children services" without worrying about your job. So here it is. The thoughts of everyday people, my girlfriends (even my husband on a GOOD story) and me. Did I mention I am a social worker, so some of this stuff will have a Dr. Phil, feel to it. I, however, treat people on a daily basis in the real world. Here's to my gulity pleasure, POP CULTURE!